Saturday, May 27, 2006

Making Yogurt

I've started making yogurt again. It's quick, easy, and cheap.

I use a Salton Yogurt Maker.

You may see complicated recipes for making yogurt. Scalding the milk, mixing in powdered milk, letting it cool, using thermometers, all that trouble. Here's what I've been using instead:

For thin yogurt (pourable consistency), I use a quart of lowfat milk, microwaved for two minutes to remove the chill, and stir in a spoonful of commercial yogurt as a starter. For thick yogurt (spoonable consistency), I do about the same, but I replace part of the lowfat milk with a 12 ounce can of evaporated nonfat milk. I try to let it incubate for about eight hours, but real life often changes that to six or 12, and everything works fine.

My favorite summertime lunch is to microwave some frozen fruit (already peeled and chopped!) and to top it with yogurt.