Thursday, May 25, 2006

Three Reasons to Get Out of the House Yesterday

  1. Went to the gym. Discovered a great ice-breaker / conversation starter: talking about scars.


    I was in a car accident five years ago; tell me about your ACL.

  2. Work. A self-admitted screw-up asked for permission to retake a math class that he has already failed three times, and the registrar won't let him sign up for it, and his major is requiring him to take it in order to graduate. He is a senior (again). Since summer session starts next week and the class is not full (but it fills up in the fall), I gave him permission to take it in the sumer ONLY. He tried to show off to me by telling me his SAT scores, but mine were better -- and I took them before they rescaled the scoring system.

  3. Went over to the librarian's house to make dinner. Finally got to meet her husband the computer geek. Much nerdy conversation ensued. I could hardly keep up because they are way too hip for me. And their house is way better decorated than mine in a really quite funky yet haphazard way.