Saturday, May 20, 2006

Unstructured Time and the Project Queue

As I waver between having nothing to do and too much to do (really, too much to choose from), I'm starting to make lists. All I know now is that I'm not working on the house; I'm taking this summer off from home repair.

Things I Need for Some Potential Projects

    • Butterick pattern 3820 (modified -- to include pockets, etc.)
    • Nine yards of California Blue cotton poplin. Or some other breathable natural fabric.
    • A few yards of blue velvet and gold piping.
    • Blue thread, interfacing, zipper, etc.
    • Hood and cap.

    • lard
    • castor oil
    • coconut oil
    • lye
    • ethanol
    • glycerin
    • sugar

    • notebook
    • something to write with
    • papers I've been meaning to read
    • good ideas

There are other things that I've been meaning to work on, too. But there's just so many of them, and it's so hard to choose. Instead I've been spending my time dealing with administrivia (weekdays), shopping for used books and ridiculous clothing (weekends), and fussing around on the internet (always). Maybe next year I'll teach summer school (shudder!) as contractors swarm my house.