Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Computers and Desk Space

The computer in my office is a Power Mac G4 that is about six years old. I think that originally someone's grant bought it and that right before I joined the department (three years ago) his grant bought him something even spiffier, so I inheirited the G4. I'm really quite content with it. It does everything that I ask it to, and it has now gone almost 67 days without being rebooted.* What's not to like?

My only complaint is that it has a CRT monitor about the size of a refrigerator.

So when our computer support person stopped by and told me that the College has a program by which faculty computers are replaced every three years and asked me if I wanted a new computer, I said, "No, but I'd like a monitor with a smaller footprint." And how did the College respond? "No can do! Complete PC setup that we buy on a bulk contract or nothing! No new monitor for your Jurassic Macintosh!"

Our computer guy is looking into russling up something for me (probably another hand-me-down from the folks with the generous grants). Otherwise I may have to buy my own. In any event, I envision this hypothetical new (or new-to-me) monitor being shared by the G4 and by the hypothetical MacBook that I keep waffling about buying.

*Yes, it's true, I'm denying it new software that requires a reboot because I'm trying to see how many months I can go without rebooting.