Saturday, June 10, 2006


Two things.

Yesterday the home computer crashed. Then this morning it crashed two more times. Three crashes in two days! And not the type where you can force quit to make things better. It just hung, and I had to turn it off and back on! At first I thought that it was broken and I needed to reinstall system or buy a new computer or somethnig (because before this it had crashed maybe twice TOTAL in three years), but then I realized that the only change that has occurred in the past two days is that I inserted the CD that my dad sent me. I ejected the CD and rebooted the computer. No more crashing. Odd, odd, odd that just having the CD in the drive and sitting inertly on the desktop was fucking with the computer so badly. I called Dad and told him about this. Dad was already suspicious that the optical drive on his new machine (Intel iMac) was broken, so we are doing an experiment. I am going to try this CD on my computer at work, and he is going to burn me another copy using one of his external drives. Still: odd.

I got talked into going to a picnic. ("Hey want to come to a picnic with a bunch of people who you've never met but that I know pretty well? Oh, these will be the same people who you'll meet at the wedding for the people who you've never met and who, based on the way they addressed the invitation, don't even know your name.") I was a bit headachy upon leaving the house, and it developed into a full blown migraine about the time I arrived. Trying to socialize with strangers while suffering from a migraine. Fantastic. They must all hate me and think I'm a stuck-up bitch. Now I'll have to be extra-social at the wedding. Went home and took a Vicodin (leftover from dental problems). Strange experience: the pain went away (after two hours and a nap) but the other effects (mostly visual) of the migraine linger. Odd, odd, odd having a migraine without the pain.