Friday, June 09, 2006


Probably it was a good thing that Blogger was behaving so badly yesterday. I spent most of the day trying to convince the internet to give up some of its secrets about statistics. Is the F-test right for me? Who knows. But it does give me significance at the .01 level, and I doubt that any of the mathematicians reading my report knows all that much about statistics either.
  1. Looking for something to do after dinner, I sat on my porch and read a bit from Home Comforts. I love all the facts and trivia and admit that my housekeeping will never live up to her standards. I do laundry at most once a month. It has been almost eight months since the bathroom has been cleaned. I have never dusted.

  2. The author casts housekeeping in a way that reminds me of math. There is a pride in not being able to do it. A questioning of its worth. A belief by the uninitiated that tricks and shortcuts will solve your problems.

  3. If you told me that Bitch, Ph.D. was the ghostwriter for this book, I would totally believe you. She might not agree with all the author's claims or with her point of view, but the writing styles are similar in ways that I am not well-trained enough to elucidate.

  4. At some point I will need to clean. Some friends had me over for dinner, and I should reciprocate. At the very least the kitchen should be clean enough to limit the risk of food poisoning.

  5. Cleaning for a planned visit is doable. Unfortunately, I think that social rules may also require me to invite someone for a drop-by visit (as I have already dropped by). My house will never be clean enough for drop-by visitors. It's times like this that I wish I had a major construction project going on around the house. No one expects renovation to be clean, and it would be so easy to say, "Do you want to drop by and see the progress on the [project]?" Now I have to clean AND come up with an excuse.