Monday, June 12, 2006

I Went to the Doctor Today

  1. Yes, that doctor.

  2. Turns out that the woman who cuts my hair goes to the same doctor. I discovered this at my last haircut when she was talking about her doctor's appreciation for well-done surgical scars (we were talking about brain surgery of all things). As my doctor had complimented the scars left when my previous doctor stuck small surgical implements through slits in my abdomen, I asked which doctor, and yes, the same one. Yet another small-town aspect to living here.

  3. Good news: I went to fill my prescription, and the insurance company covered it! Only cost me $5! (Instead of the retail price of $35.) This is shocking, as I'm used to having to make angry phone calls and having to arrange for faxes to be sent and assorted other nonsense so that the insurance company will pay for the medication to treat the real, actual medical condition that I have.

  4. The irony here being that the endometriosis was diagnosed during the tubal surgery (five years ago, when I was 27 -- don't believe them if they tell you that you have to be 30 to get a tubal), so now that I'm sterile I get to take The Pill.

  5. Better news: I've been 5'5" for, what, almost 20 years now? According to the nurse today, I am actually five feet, five AND A HALF inches tall.