Saturday, June 24, 2006

In Which I Dream About People's Problems, Including My Own

My preferred interpretation of my dream is that it's about my wireless router and that I need to set the security in a quasi-intelligent way (instead of just clicking randomly). If one of the help-offering anonymous commenters wants to help me set things up properly, then send me an email. [Aside: Do I believe that there are 128 bits of security in any system that is secured by a password that can be remembered by a person? No.]

My dreams don't have linear narratives. This one did have characters, though. There was this guy who seemed like a cross between a character in a Kevin Smith movie and my ex-boyfriend Steve -- only he had even better hair than Steve but wasn't quite so tall. And then there was my cousin (my evil cousin's brother), but in my dream my cousin was a brain-damaged auto mechanic instead of a law student.

What little there was of the plot is slipping away. For some reason I was back at Dartmouth to finish up my last three courses during a fall term and I kept running into the faux-Steve guy both in the computer center (where I was working to finish up some sort of project) and in the grocery store. Only the faux-Steve was way more into me than the real Steve ever was and was kind of creepy because of it. There were several scenes (vignettes?) in which I needed to accomplish some task (usually on the computer) but I was so disconcerted by the presence of this guy that I couldn't really get anything done.

I don't really remember the rest, but it was kind of weird.