Friday, June 23, 2006

More From The I Hate To Travel Department

I find travel overwhelming, so I have procrastinated making any of my travel plans for the summer. The only travel that I remember from last summer involved an all-day drive to Syracuse; the relatives who requested that trip aren't doing that great right now, so they're unlikely to request a reprise visit.

The only place that I really want to go this summer is LA, and I have already avoided plan-making to the point where there are a limited number of dates that will work with the coordinating of schedules and the whims of the airlines and all that. The best dates for going to LA overlap with the dates for MathFest, and every year I sort of think that I want to go to MathFest even though my plans usually fall through.

I looked at the program for MathFest. Several people who I am avoiding are giving talks. Also several people who I should talk to because we used to work together on a project, but I sort of lost interest in the project, and I'm afraid that I've let them down, and it would be easier just to not talk to them.

Nobody who I'd really like to see is giving a talk. Somebody who I'd really like to see lives in LA.

Will I bail on MathFest and go to LA instead? Am I becoming the sort of person who avoids conferences? Will you see me in New Orleans in January?