Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More Updates in a Numbered List

  1. I bought a router. I took the recommendations here and made a short list (two Linksys models and one from Netgear) and went to Circuit City, determined to buy something on my list. I went with the Linksys WRT54G because it was in stock, on sale, and the model recommended by friends (one of whom works with computers) who will be over at my house for dinner in the near future (at which point I can plead, "Can you fix my router?"). Also because I own stock in Cisco. (Do you want to know how much money I've lost in that stock? Ack.). The G4 PowerBook gets at least two bars of service in the entire house, on the front porch, and all the way to the sidewalk. Three bars in part of the back yard. The only problem is that my ssh connection to the math server (Yes, I read my work email in pine. Shut up.) seems to keep disconnecting: "Read from remote host [Math Department's server's name here]: Connection reset by peer Connection to [server] closed." Oh, and the router is kind of ugly.

  2. My computer is travelling through Asia.
    I need to start thinking of a name for my new computer! My first computer (the Mac IIsi) was named Electric Mayhem.

  3. I've started sewing clothes for my iPod. I've made a few disappointing prototypes, and today I hope to finish making her some pink fleece pajamas. My next plan (more ambitious) is to make her a corset.

  4. I'll be meeting with the trainer on Thursday.

  5. I guess all that treadmilling is working for me: I took my pulse this morning: 56 beats per minute.