Friday, June 23, 2006

Phone Log

  1. The topologist calls my office: "Hi. I think I have your parking permit." Not only did he borrow my car and leave the tank empty, but he also took my parking permit. He did leave his CDs in my car. I told him to drive over to the parking garage where I park and put the permit in my car. We shall see if he took his CDs.

  2. A graduating senior taking her last 12 hours during summer session. It seems that to get enough hours that she is taking both a math course and its prerequisite. However, you can't get credit in the prereq if you already have a grade of C or higher in the course itself. She wanted my advice. She was thinking of trying to get a D in the course.

  3. Since the placement and advising folks weren't available, I got to talk to a mother concerned about her son's scheduled math courses. I assured her that the math class he was scheduled for in the fall was required of all students in his major and that even though his placement level was higher than the minimum cut-off for that course that it was still required and he was not being put into too easy of a course. She also wanted to know about the possiblity of him taking calculus in the spring. I pushed our one-semester business calculus because I don't really need to see more students failing our engineering calc.

  4. Talked to my sysadmin: Printing to department computers from my new computer is non-trivial (and not yet working). An LCD monitor will be arriving for my office computer.*

*Alas, I may have to reboot it when the monitor arrives. It's been up for 77 days now.