Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sewing For iPod

No finished items to show yet. Just a lot of discarded prototypes.

Here is what I've learned so far in my attempts to sew clothes for my iPod:
  • You can operate the click wheel through a piece of vinyl. I bought a quarter yard of colorless vinyl at Joann (it's kept back near the home-dec fabric, near the tablecloth vinyl) for 75 cents. It should last me through all my attempts. I've been cutting out an iPod-sized rectangle of vinyl to cover both the screen and the click wheel instead of separate pieces of vinyl for each.
  • Since iPod is so small, you have the same problems as when sewing for Barbie: not much room for seam allowances (or mistakes!). Fabrics that are prone to unraveling are really bad choices. Thick fabrics aren't too great either.
  • I've started with fleece because it doesn't unravel at all, and I can leave the raw edges unfinished. I'm planning on making a slit for the headphone jack and leaving it as is; had I used a woven, I would have had to put a buttonhole. I'm going to leave raw edges around the windows for the screen and the click wheel.
  • Fleece stretches, though. If you sew the vinyl to the fleece with the vinyl on top, you can see what you're doing, but the feed dogs will distort the fleece. With fleece on top, the vinyl will act as a stabilizer. After several failed attempts of cutting out the windows after sewing, I've decided it's best to sew the vinyl in place before cutting out the windows and then cutting carefully with sharp scissors.
  • Sometimes if pins seem like a bad choice (leaves holes in vinyl, distorts the fabric), then glue stick might be called for. Aside: when I quilt and need to attach large pieces and pins would be unwieldy, I will use staples instead of pins.
  • If your fabric stretches in the direction that wraps around iPod, you can don't need to make the size as accurate: the stretch will hold the case in place.