Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sewing Update

I finished sewing the bag. It's pretty much Vogue 7862; I moved the zipper two inches to the right so I'd be sure that the laptop would fit in the bag. I'm mostly happy with it. Unlike the sample pictured on the pattern envelope, I didn't match the pattern on either side of the zipper. I figured that being totally unmatched would look better than having it nearly match; I don't sew well enough to exactly match. In the second photo you can see the purple silk lining.

I'm not sure why the photos turned out so dark in a sunny room with the flash; I'm assuming that my camera thought it knew better and that it decided that dark objects deserve dark photos.

No progress today on the matching iPod cozy. Yesterday was odd, and I ended up staying out until almost midnight and then not sleeping well. So today was mostly spent shopping and napping.