Friday, June 16, 2006

Staying Home Today

  1. Can the student crises be dealt with over email? I certainly hope so. Is it too late to switch section for first summer session? Should I try to find out why one of the most effective instructors is making enemies out of some students? (OK, I have a theory on that one, but I'm unlikely to pursue it because I think that this instructor has found a better job elsewhere starting in the fall.)

  2. Last night I watched A Short Film About Love; today I may watch Cinema Paradiso. There's no way that I can invite someone over to watch foreign films from the 80s with me. I need to mix some socially acceptable fare into my Netflix queue.

  3. I think I'm taking today off from going to the gym. I've had a headache on-and-off for since Tuesday (following on the heels on Saturday's migraine), and I wonder if I'm getting sick. It's a weird headache; it only hurts when I substantially change the position of my head (like standing up, rolling over quickly, etc.). I would suspect my sinuses, but it's not like I'm having snot problems. Maybe too much nutrasweet? Who knows. Anyway, yesterday I went to the gym and felt totally wiped out after 15 minutes, even taking it easy.

  4. I'm very much in a shopping mood, but I'm hoping to rechannel that energy into cleaning the house.