Monday, June 05, 2006

Weekend Summary

  1. I flew into Albany and stayed with my parents. My brother flew into Bradley and stayed in a hotel.

  2. Lesson learned: If you act like a spoiled brat, you will be treated as such. In my case, not only did my parents let me stay at their house, lend me their car to drive down to the wedding (including use of their EZ Pass), and spring for my hotel room, they also gave me a check for $500.

  3. It was a New York Jew-ish lawyer wedding-- Jew-ish in the sense of that line "I'm not a Jew, just Jew-ish." The officiant was a judge from the highest court in the state. One of the readings at the wedding was from Goodridge v. Massachusetts. The groom broke a glass at the end of the ceremony. People danced the Hora.

  4. The music at the reception was way too loud. Had I been thinking, I should have gone and stood outside or somewhere to get away from it; instead I stayed at the table with my immediate family. I left right after the cake. Some people partied until all hours.