Thursday, July 20, 2006

Contentless Notes from Wednesday

  1. Yesterday afternoon I went and bailed out the car.

  2. Due to the classroom shortage on campus (by-product of progress and renovation... I really should walk by and see if the Big New Building has more than a facade after months of construction), I have managed to schedule meetings with undergrads during the first week of Fall Semester in the Math Department's fancy new colloquium / meeting room.

  3. I gave away the old TV to a grad student.

  4. My grass is about infinity tall. I don't care. I'm waiting for the heat to break before I mow it.

  5. Heard from an adjunct about the book situation for Intermediate Algebra. He'd prefer the old edition because it will save the students money because a lot of them already have the book from having taken the course before. Great. He also suggested that instead of going to the new edition that we might pick a different book that doesn't change editions so often. Right.

  6. Sticky social situation. Had been going well and then I found myself thinking, "This can NOT possibly be happening like this AGAIN." It was.

  7. My Netflix movie FINALLY arrived. It is now poised on my iPod waiting for me to watch it at the gym.

  8. Most importantly, they opened a new Target near me, and yesterday was its first day. I went and bought $52 worth of stuff that I didn't really need. I have started buying clothes in the children's department. So much cheaper!