Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Free to Good Home

From left to right: (Click the image to enlarge.)

Sublime: 78% mohair, 13% wool, 9% nylon. 50 grams. Three balls of color 4001, dyelot 8056-1 and three balls of color 4007, dyelot SUB7/1. (They are similar but NOT THE SAME.)

Fantacia Reflections Textured Yarn: 50% viscose, 28% acrylic, 22% nylon. 50 grams. Five balls varigated purple with light blue and yellow flecks (same dyelot).

Dorothee bis fils a tricoter pharaon: 76% viscose, 24% cotton. 50 grams. Ten balls light blue (same dyelot).

Fantacia Paolino: 100% viscose. 50 grams. Six cones purple (same dyelot).

The Rules: Leave a comment to claim any or all. Then email me (any account of mine that you know about) to arrange the logistics. If you don't hear back from me, then your email probably got caught in the spam filter. First come, first served. I'll pay postage if you are willing to tolerate a crappy packing job. Asking for a lot is not greedy: it's saving me money in shipping. In exchange you have to do something nice for someone. If I don't have plans by Friday, all the rayon is going to Goodwill donation box. If you are unhappy, no complaining: life's not fair.