Saturday, July 22, 2006

More from the Obsequious Adjunct

Got another email from him.

The history: His degree is in engineering, and he used to work at the local nuclear plant. He is trying VERY hard to make the transition to teaching low-level college math. I have received a Christmas card addressed to "My Wonderful Supervisor" and an e-Card at the end of the semester thanking me for providing him with the course materials required for his teaching assignment. During the school year he would dutifully check in and provide me with updates on how his courses were going.

Now this: an email that asks, "When do I need to be back for the Fall semester?" (translation: "Do I still have a job there?") and that also urges me to see the King Tut exhibit now that it is back in the US. He tells me about seeing it in Chicago with his mother in 1977.

Secret message to adjuncts: I have only limited control over the hiring process. I do report how many complaints your students generate and whether I think that their concerns have merit. Keep doing your job decently well, and then seniority will kick in: last hired, first fired.