Friday, July 21, 2006

Netflix Morality and Three Unanswered Questions

No, this is not about ripping the movies to my iPod.

As the nearest Netflix processing center is about 200 miles away from here, it takes two business days for DVDs to travel to and from Netflix. When you factor in processing time and weekends, this means that the total time between movies is about a week. I find this to be too long. I want FAST turn-around.

Netflix sometimes sends me an email asking when my movie arrived. Is it wrong for me to lie and tell them that it takes THREE days?

More questions:
  1. Do I believe the weather forecast that claims that the weather will be more tolerable tomorrow? Originally they thought that it would be OK today, but then they changed their minds.

  2. Why is there always an annoying glob of mascara at the end of the wand no matter which brand I buy? Is this a feature not a bug and I'm just too ignorant about make-up to know any better?

  3. By Monday I am hoping to change my schedule from "loaf at home and deal with short-term work crises over email" to "drag self and laptop out of the house and do some work that can be put on the CV." What are the chances of that transition going smoothly?