Saturday, July 08, 2006

Not the Best Saturday

  1. Completion of the easy-to-do long-term tasks at work has robbed me of my summer schedule. Now I'm left with the difficult things that are done piecemeal in found moments of inspiration. Without structure, my days spiral madly.

  2. Fall teaching schedules will not be finalized until the last minute. One of my courses does not yet have enough students so may need to be swapped for something else. No word yet on whether just one or both classes will be in the technology classroom.

  3. I need to return and exchange a bunch of stuff that I bought, but I can't motivate myself to go to the mall and face the Saturday zoo.

  4. Yesterday's email debacle. Have I lost a friend?

  5. I'm spending the day alone, waiting for a scheduled delivery. Next week more of the same: home alone waiting for UPS and FedEx.