Monday, July 03, 2006

Not Exaggerating

Sometimes when I post about the follies of the pre-service teachers who enroll in my courses, people will write them off as the ones who will be weeded out of the program, noting that most of my students are freshmen and sophomores. These commenters put faith in the Praxis to keep these appallingly weak students out of the classroom.

It's not just me! It's not just my class for pre-service teachers!

I just got an email from a grad student in education. She's been telling me about her summer course for in-service middle school teachers. Yes, the actual teachers who are teaching math to actual students and who are taking courses to up their licenses. One of the teachers in her class added fractions by ADDING THE NUMERATORS AND ADDING THE DENOMINATORS. This was not the only clueless teacher.

No wonder the college students who I get in my classes can't do anything.