Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Summoned To My Office

Turns out that if you don't go to work for long enough that the people hoping to "just bump into" you will email to (nicely) ask, "Where the hell have you been!?" This morning after the gym I will be headed to my office.
  1. Someone has a question about a student with a disability. For the sake of argument, let's say that this student has a prosthetic left foot. The paperwork from disability services says that this student doesn't have to participate in the square dancing activity when we teach about reflection and rotation symmetry and the dihedral group and that this student deserves preferential seating in the classroom to facilitate mobility. Hypothetically speaking, this student is also asking for other accomodations that are not on the form. I told the instructor to call disability services. We shall see if this needs a follow-up

  2. The textbook for Intermediate Algebra is unavailable. The old edition has vanished. The new edition has not been printed. I need to get on the phone to my textbook rep to ask wtf.

  3. Doesn't really need me in my office: I got an email from ETS asking me to take part in a survey about how they should rename the part of the GREs now called "analytical writing" and what scoring system they should use instead of the 200 - 800 scale that seemed to have been working for them for years.

  4. Not really looking forward to going to work. Building doesn't have central air. Each office has a window a/c, but the hallways and the classrooms aren't air conditioned.

  5. I'd consider thinking about my fall courses, but since I don't know what I'm teaching or whether or not I'll be teaching in a room with a projector that can hook up to my laptop, I'm off the hook until the last minute.