Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wednesday Morning in the Office

  1. A novice instructor who has never taken a statistics course is teaching statistics. Instructor made the mistake of admitting this to the students who are now complaining about poor instruction. Students are complaining about points being taken off on quizzes for "mistakes that aren't relevant to the problem." I told the students to write up a formal complaint and that I will put it in the instructor's file.

  2. Met with the instructor of our math for elementary ed course. Handed off the rolling cart full of manipulatives. Assured her that there is no way to cover all the material in one semester so just to pick some things they need to know (fractions!) and don't worry about what you don't cover. Better to do a good job teaching a few things than to do a crappy job "covering" everything in the book.

  3. Trying to figure out whether the technology classroom will accept component composite [fingers went on auto-pilot after the first five letters...] video or S-video. If so, instead of schlepping my laptop to class, I will be able to project images and video clips from my iPod.