Sunday, August 13, 2006

Change of Pace

Taking a break from the non-stop drinking of beer and eating of sushi, we left the neighborhood yesterday.

First stop was to the always engaging Museum of Jurassic Technology. Much more stuff than the last time I was there. Fantastically eccentric and bizarre. I gave double the donation. If you hate MJT, then I can not be your friend.

Next was the Indian grocery store (that just happened to be nearby) so that I could buy tamarind paste (is it a liquid? a gel?) and then off to Trader Joe's because I miss it so. Bought soy bean butter (not really a gel, more of an emulsion). Probably my checked luggage will be flagged by security over these semi-solids.

Then it was off to an area with Asian pop culture and a stop at Giant Robot. Of course I would shop at a store called Giant Robot. Bought a wind-up toy and an Ugly Doll t-shirt. I need to own more interesting t-shirts because everything I own is either boring (plain) or falling apart.

Wrapped up the day by going to see Conversations with Other Women.

Today promises a trip to the comic book store and/or the flea market. Or maybe I wasn't paying attention about the next round of plans. Should be interesting whatever it is, and then I get to spend all of tomorrow in the clutches of the airlines. Anyone know where there is free wireless in LAX or Detroit?