Monday, August 14, 2006

Layover Blogging

I had a long layover in Detroit anyway, and then my plane got in almost an HOUR EARLY. They claimed "wicked tailwind" but I am thinking that someone in scheduling was told to increase the number of on-time arrivals by any means necessary -- including lying about the length of the flights. I probably could have wheedled my way onto an earlier flight, but my luggage would have taken my original flight, and I would have needed to go fetch it.

This vacation has been a learning experience when it comes to finding access to wireless internet without having to pay for it. More often than not, any network that has a "factory-settings" looking name will let me connect. The MacBook has a really good antenna, which helps.

I have snagged one of the few seats at my gate that is near an electrical outlet. Now I have to decide whether to watch a movie on my iPod or to continue fussing on the internet. Next time I travel with this many gadgets, I will pack a powerstrip in my carryon bag so that they can all charge at once.

The guys sitting near me on my flight from LA to Detroit were such know-it-all dumbasses. It was amazing.