Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Signs Pointing to Going to Work

  1. I had been staying home and making a half-hearted attempt at being domestic. Both the vacuum cleaner and the washing machine went out of service yesterday. The vacuum's battery will no longer hold a charge. The sump pump that evacuates the water from the washer died. (The plumber came this morning and replaced the sump pump.)

  2. People are starting to send me bizarre emails about back-to-school things. We have a webmaster who does technical updates to our pages but no one in charge of the overall design of our site. Sometimes people find legacy pages and then ask me about things that we haven't done in YEARS.

  3. I had to send an email that included as an attached file a document that lives on my office computer.

  4. I finished using two of my Inter-Library-Loan books, and a third arrived yesterday.

  5. In the past 10 days I have written 21 pages of a book chapter that I'm working on. I want to print it, but I'm too cheap to print it at home.