Monday, August 07, 2006

Talking About Robots: Another List Post

  1. I am mostly happy with my new Roomba Discovery. It is smarter than my old Roomba (three-year-old Plain Roomba), so I have not yet figured out how to circumvent its work ethic. Old Roomba could be set to do a half-assed job of all the rooms in the house. New Roomba cleans until everything is spotless -- but will only do two rooms on a charge. Very cool though: when it backs out of its home base, it makes the "trucks backing up" beeping noise.

  2. Someone makes a Bluetooth connection kit for Roomba. Dad wants to know if he can sync it with the address book in his Palm and send it to vacuum other people's houses.

  3. Old Roomba is heading to LA to live with k. What a fabulous hostess gift: glitchy robot! We will see what she does when she hacks the robot.

  4. Have you seen the Nike ad with the robots?

    I can't decide if I'd want to meet one of the characters in the ad or if I'd want to be one of them.