Friday, August 18, 2006


I'm happy for the weekend -- and classes haven't even started yet.

I still need to write a memo and send it out about placement.

Back-to-back meetings today about fairly usual things: how to bring the new people up to speed, how to stop the freshmen from failing.

Emails shoot back and forth: Someone who can't just satisfy the letter of the law and be done with it has decided to argue about a reasonable request. What 20 questions predict readiness for college algebra? When will that placement memo be ready? Can I help some of the new people who will be teaching calculus? Visa issues for one of the new people. Students who I have to explain the rules to. Mixed in: a bit of banter with someone who I should not be having such conversations with.

Much of the afternoon was spent at the hospital for my latest round of brain scans. I have gauze on both elbows because the nurse couldn't get the IV to go into the left vein, so after much poking around she had to try for the right.

I'm thinking that this weekend I will need to make a trip to the outlet malls in Tourist Trap and do some back-to-school shopping to get me ready for the week to come.