Thursday, August 17, 2006

Where the Time Goes

Nothing interesting to report from today. Big changes are afoot here in the Math Department, and we are having meetings about how to implement them at the last minute and meetings about how far to back down when people oppose change.

I was given too long of a speaking slot at one of the orientation meetings for new people. My task was to describe all the freshman level courses that we offer. Not too much that you can say about "it's calculus, like how you think of calculus" or "it's calculus, but not really because it leaves out all the hard stuff" or "it's what they should have learned in high school." I felt no need to fill the time just because I had the time. I figured they'd rather waste their own time with an unscheduled break than to have me waste it for them.

Didn't have time to eat lunch because I was field-testing my iPod in the new technology classroom. Works. Now I just need to make sure that it works with our new portable projector (my other class is in a regular room).

No food at home, either, as I haven't shopped since I got back from LA. Might be interesting to see what I come home with if I go grocery shopping now.