Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bad Choices Made Today

  1. Bought white chocolate peanut butter and started eating it. I have a peanut butter problem. No, really, seriously.

  2. Only did a half-assed job of grading the calculus homework. Made a half-assed calculus lesson plan.

  3. Instead of grading the last problem on the problem set (other class), I swore that I would go over it in class tomorrow.

  4. Did not do any of the revisions to the chapter I am writing. Did not make any of the diagrams that I swore to myself would be done by last week.

  5. Did not do laundry.

  6. Spent too much time fussing about on the internet.

  7. Resumed email conversation that I totally should not be having.

  8. Decided to blog another list-post instead of something with content.