Thursday, September 07, 2006

Conversations at the Eye Doctor

  1. My eye doctor and I are the same age! He commented that my prescription* hadn't changed since last time, and I replied that it has hardly changed in several years. He noted that it will probably be about 10 years until we have the next substantial change in our prescriptions. Am I old enough to be the same age as my doctors?

  2. Upon learning what I do for a living, he commented that he was always good at math and always liked math. Took up through Calc 3 and thinks geometrically. Good!

  3. The numbing drops really do make it easier to put in contact lenses.

*In glasses: -1.00 sphere, -0.75 cyl, axis 90 (right) and -1.25 sphere, -0.50 cyl, and axis 80 (left). In contacts the right is the same as with glasses but the left is -1.00 sphere , -0.75 cyl, axis 80. Not close enough for me to be supposed to wear the same prescription in both eyes but close enough so that if I mixed up my left and right contact lenses it would take me a while to figure it out.