Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I Hate The Software For My HP Scanner

Today I was giving a presentation in a seminar, and I needed to get an image out of a book and onto a Keynote slide. Really this was a job that called for a scanner. A piece of hardware that I have in my office, hooked up to my office computer.

The scanner software, like most scanner software, is designed for dealing with family snapshots, not for extracting black and white line art from documents.

Instead of fighting with the scanner yet again, I did an end-run around it. First I xeroxed the page from the book so that it would lie flat. Then I took a photograph of it with my digital camera in "document" mode. Then I used my USB card reader (because I hate the camera software and rather dislike iPhoto) to get the images off my memory card. Then I copy-and-pasted it into Keynote.