Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Scattered Thoughts from the Third Week

  1. Can this already be week 3? Technically I guess it is. This is the third time I've taught on a Wednesday this semester.

  2. I need to find a better way to schedule my class prep, my real work, my administrative tasks, grading, and trips to the gym. I used to do all my work during business hours in my office and would never bring anything home. My favorite time to work out is during early afternoon, meaning that I'm leaving earlier. This is forcing me to take work home. It's also thrown off my habit of blogging in the morning.

  3. I need to observe NINE new people! Oof.

  4. Somehow I keep getting asked to lead professional development meetings.

  5. I am developing a love-hate relationship with Keynote. I am morally opposed to presentations that are nothing more than bulleted lists. Yet having my slides full of bulleted lists keeps me on point and doesn't let me forget things that I meant to include. Making the slides takes longer than writing up notes on paper, and I'm not convinced that I'm going to get another chance to teach this course. But making the slides is sort of like playing with the computer, and it's moderately entertaining in its own right.

  6. It is sunny out, and my marginal productivity is approaching zero. I should go home and garden. Or go to the gym. Or otherwise get the hell out of my office. I've been summoned for a meeting tomorrow (Thursday can be thought of as my "day off" or my "research day" depending how cynical one is feeling), so I'll be in the office and can finish everything that's not getting done now.