Friday, September 22, 2006

Talking About Our Fathers

  1. I brought the laptop into calculus class this morning to show the The Integrator (so now they can stop bugging me for the answers!). Due to the ghetto nature of my classroom, I had the LCD projector set up on an upside-down cardboard box. After class the son of a professor in another department came up to show me tricks to make the projector display larger and better. He explained that his dad brings his department's portable projector home on weekends so the kids can play video games.

  2. In the minutes leading up to the start of class, Maggie was on the phone with her dad. She's having serious roommate problems. Since her problems have led to her missing class a few times, she briefly explained them to me. She also told me that they would stop. Her dad is a lawyer, and he is going to fight with the housing office on her behalf.

  3. My parents are going to be arriving today as part of their fall tour of the south. As my wireless router appears to be relatively stable (it only flickers out for a few seconds at a time -- very annoying with ssh, but merely irritating with other services), my father should be able to get his electronic toys to communicate with mine. Maybe I can convince him to buy me a new gadget.