Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weekend Box Score

Spending in moderation $11.47, Yarn store going out of business 50% off everything.
Balls: 2 (50 g each)
Fiber content: 55% merino wool, 20% silk, 25% polyamid

Restaurant food 4, Eating in moderation 1
MVP: Butter

Construction 2, Parents' GPS navigator 2

Calculus Keynote slides 49, Pages of notes for gen-ed class 4
Errors: none yet reported by students
Calculus homework graded: 0
Gen-ed homework graded: 0

My router channel 8, Neighbor's router channel 6

Weather 1, Things to do with parents besides go out to eat 0
Rainfall: 3.04" (new record)

Items aquired from parents 8, Items given away 1
Old dresser was traded to the blonde woman from the coffee shop in exchange for an americano.