Thursday, September 21, 2006

What Not To Wear

Recently I bought season 4 of TLC's What Not to Wear from iTunes*, and I've been watching it at the gym on my iPod**.

I am way too impressionable because this morning I went shopping and bought clothes with actual colors and felt kind of bad that I own way too much black and maybe not enough brown. I got a burgandy velvet jacket, a silk lace burgandy shirt, and two tank tops (green silk and grey knit***).

I keep meaning not to spend so much money on clothes, but it just sort of happens. This week I redeemed a 30-year-old savings bond, and the university issued checks for longevity pay (I got $300) and announced a $350 bonus****. So I felt that I could swing $130 worth of clothes. (Remind me that I don't need any more shoes.)

Clearly I have not drunk the WNtW kool-aid, as I am still dressing badly on my off days. Today I'm wearing jeans***** with frayed cuffs (they were "short" and I am "regular" so I unhemmed them), a t-shirt that says Queen of the Universe, stripey socks, and Converse sneakers. And while it has been fading in preparation for my parents' visit tomorrow, the hair is still kind of purply.

I always feel bad when the person on the show starts out dressing like me (or like how I'd want to dress) and then they smash the individuality out of her wardrobe. I love my tulle skirts and my sparkly stuff and my stripey tights and my t-shirts from the children's department.

Overall a day of complete irresponsibility. Good thing there are several hours left to turn it around.

*Yes, I know the BBC version is better, but it's not on iTunes, and I'm too cheap to get the cable package with BBC.

**I have also managed to get the laptop to connect to my TV and stereo to watch WNtW, but mostly I've been watching on the iPod.

***OK, grey might not be a COLOR per se, but I think I look good in grey. And it was grey and SPARKLY.

****Another 30 or so checks like this, and I wouldn't feel so damned underpaid....

*****They fit! I hadn't worn them since May, and I wasn't sure that they would still fit, but they do!