Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fall Break, Day 1

Doesn't really feel like break since I don't teach on Thursdays anyway.

This morning great progress was made on the life maintenance front with an early-morning trip to the dentist to have my teeth bonded where the enamel fell off (the fancy word for that condition is "abfraction"). Was also warned that continuing to not get braces probably means that this abfraction problem will not get better. As I view dentistry as just slightly above a medieval pseudoscience, I'm not convinced of the dentist's theory. But at least #3 and #14 are no longer sensitive on their bucchal surfaces. Ten years I lived with that pain because every other dentist was all crown-crown-crown when proposing a solution to the problem.

Also got much Real Work done.

Broke federal law then mailed the DVDs back to NetFlix.

Then it got cloudy and I got sad. I tried to cheer myself up by shopping. Look! Cashmere on sale! Did nothing for me. Sadness. Winter is coming. At least I don't live in Ithaca anymore.

If I grade the calculus tonight and work on my lesson plans, then I'll have three days to lounge about and do nothing (or go shoe shopping). Most likely I'll loaf around the house tonight and watch television; come Sunday night I'll be cursing myself for not working ahead and will madly cobble together half-assed lesson plans. Really what I need is a job where you don't have to work at home on your days off.