Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fall Break Tally

Done: Worked on manuscript; bought iron-on letters and fabric pen for home-brew harmoric series t-shirt; vacuumed the livingroom, diningroom, kitchen (twice), and den; wrote replacement calculus problem set; had dental work inflicted upon me; copied two DVDs to my hard drive and watched one other; ended up once again trying to resolve what has become known around here as "awkward social situation"; planned both my lessons for tomorrow; lots and lots of laundry; seven weeks' worth of dry-cleaning; weird dreams; lots of napping.

Undone: Wash windows on car, house; fall garden clean-up; finish grading the calculus assignment with all the cheating; making plans to do something with The Librarian; prep colleague's class for tomorrow; clean the bathroom; grocery shopping; sorting the 1069 messages in my work email inbox; sewing; knitting; buy new shoes.