Friday, October 27, 2006

Pleasures, Delights, and Indulgences

  1. One of my gen-ed students who only took three years of math in high school is now -- based on my class -- planning on becoming a math major. This spring he will take Calc 1 and the junior-level Intro to Proof course.

  2. I had TWO doughnuts this morning. Mmm... doughnuts. Maybe I should think about getting back on coffee. Sugar + caffeine = happy.

  3. We switch back to Standard Time this weekend. THANK GOODNESS! I hate, hate, hate DST. I hate living near the western edge of a time zone. At this time of year, I could easily be tempted to move to a city better located in its time zone. I hate how it's still dark until almost 8am.

  4. Wore my favorite boots today.

  5. Done with work for the week and can go home whenever I want to. Considering getting supermarket sushi for lunch.

  6. Maintenance fixed the window in my office (it now opens) and mostly fixed my radiator (lukewarm when off instead of hot). Bonus: they left a roll of duct tape behind.