Sunday, October 22, 2006

Slow Weekend

Tens of thousands of people descended upon my city yesterday, so I went to the outlet mall to buy new shoes. Alas, brown boots and low-mid-heel simple black shoes evaded me. Instead I bought a new black wool blazer (originally $149, but 40% off, and I had a $40 off coupon), a summer shirt, a black skirt, and burgandy velveteen jeans (so comfy, so soft).

Fussed in my garden a bit. I brushed up against a plant and saw debris all over my shirt. Minutes later I discover it was not vegetable matter but instead dozens of tiny insects that looked an awful lot like what I would expect baby roaches to look like. Ick, ick, ick. I brushed them all off, and when I came in, I washed my clothes and took a shower. Maybe I should put out some poison just in case they really were roaches?

Watched the first episode of a Swedish mini-series that is taking up 15.5 GB on my hard drive. Only 5+ more hours to go, and then I can delete it, freeing up the space for other films.

Today I will grade papers. My calculus students are slowly starting to drown in the infinite series. They're not very good at being precise and remembering things accurately, and the infinite series tests are pretty unforgiving if you don't apply them exactly as they were designed. My other class had a free-form homework assignment; we'll see how well they handled it.

I think I'll show a movie in class tomorrow, minimizing the amount of prep I need to do. Maybe plan ahead with review sheets and worksheets for the rest of the week. Pull together all the editorial stuff and whatnot for the manuscript I'm working on, which should be getting pretty close to its finished form.