Saturday, October 28, 2006

Weekend Plans

So far this weekend, I haven't even pretended to do work -- nothing beyond making a list.

Started out by watching eight episodes of Veronica Mars (six on Friday and two today) and re-dying my hair. One of the reasons I'd let the hair fade for so long was that I was thinking about trying a new color (blue? blue-green?), but since I already had purple and wasn't about to trek out to Sally in my pajamas this morning, I decided to stick with purple. Schlepped to the retail part of town to buy some black shoes that don't cause pain. Not 100% happy with the look of the shoes, but they should do the trick functionally (like these but with a buckle instead of a snap). The other option was to head back to the outlet mall to buy yet another pair of mary jane inspired shoes; I do so love the mary janes -- but I think a bit too much. Tonight we've got dinner and a movie with The Librarian (as Software Guy is busy studying now that he's back to school part time).

This means that I'll really need my extra hour (extra hour!) tomorrow as I make a slick computer presentation for calculus, design a fun and hands-on activity about the Mobius strip, write a review sheet and a problem set, and catch up on the grading. If I make good use of my extra hour (extra hour!) in the morning, I'm hoping to go out with The Librarian tomorrow night, too. There's a relatively new place downtown that has a sangria special on Sundays, and I'm trying to find a new drinking buddy, as my local options are quite limited (and shrinking, it seems), and I'm don't consider the Internet Bar (via iChat) to be a reasonable option. My back-up plans for tomorrow (if I get my work done) will be to take a walk to visit my construction. They're reopening bridges!