Monday, November 13, 2006

From the Administrative Office

  1. Two students came by today to drop my class. Last-chance deadline is tomorrow.

  2. A faculty member emailed me to find out if we have to sign the drop forms or if we can decline to do so and give the students Fs instead. (I called the registrar's office; they said we have to sign the forms.)

  3. The online registration system won't let a student enroll in three math courses for the spring. I told the student to check with the registrar's office first.

  4. The father of a community college student emailed asking if we offered an online course that would fulfill the community college's developmental math requirement, as his child has been so far unsuccessful at taking the course at the community college.

  5. Someone teaching the gen-ed course is asking on behalf of a student which math course he should take next semester. Without knowing his major or his placement test scores, I have no idea.

(ps. My office computer now has gone 101 days without rebooting. No new java for you! No 10.4.8!)