Monday, November 13, 2006

Getting My Life Back

I hate having my routine disrupted. Probably part of the reason why I hate to travel (speaking of which, I still don't have plane tickets for xmas... maybe I'll get to stay home if I keep procrastinating).

I got talked into having a houseguest, and she's been here since Thursday. She's some big deal Buddhist teacher, and her visit has involved the logistics of getting her to the local Buddhist center as well as attending various Buddhist social events. I don't socialize well with strangers, and some of the Buddhists are a bit too New Age for me. Especially the guy who was dancing around in place like the hamster dance, talking about how he belongs to a shamanistic temple. He is also an accupuncturist, so I looked up his license on the state web page; turns out that his real first name is a common English first name, not the Indian-sounding name that he introduces himself by. Oh, and he sells chelating vitamins to get the mercury out of your system. Totally not my people. Of course not that my dealings with the Buddhist engineer were that much better.

Instead of seeking spiritual growth, I have instead hid. Made plenty of out-of-the-house plans with my friends. Exaggerated the amount of work that I needed to get done. Slept more than was necessary but woke up extra-early to have some time to myself. Planning on spending as much time as possible in my office today.