Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Might the Consulting Gravy Train be Pulling Into the Station?

The other day I was contacted by some 22-year-old junior analyst at some Wall Street hedge fund / capital management group. He wants to talk math because he thinks that I might know something that will help him make money. I'm guessing that the path that led him to me went something like this:
  1. The guy's boss hears about some wild scheme to use algebra to make money.
  2. The boss tells the junior analyst to find an algebraist to ask about making money with polynomial rings.
  3. The junior analyst calls up alma mater looking for contacts with alumni who majored in math.
  4. Junior analyst googles the names that he's been given and contacts the ones whose web presences make them easily identifiable as algebraists, referring to their credentials -- as easily discovered on their web pages -- in making his introductions.
I'm of course horribly interested in finding out what sort of crazy ideas they are trying to track down. Plus, I'm always willing to help on a project where there is money in it for me. At my consulting rate. We're planning on talking on the phone tomorrow, and I will hear more about what they have in mind.