Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Classes Bore Me, And the Novelty of Spring Beckons

My gen-ed class meets four more times, and my calculus class meets six more times. Each class is slated to learn one new thing and to take the last unit exam. Then we have a few days off and then finals. I feel like my work is finished. Pretty much, it is.

I'm also disappointed with my calculus students. I gave a five-question exam about areas, volumes, and arclengths. Two of the questions were verbatim from the review sheet, and the other three questions were similar (numbers/functions changed) to questions on the review sheet. Of those three questions, two were identical to worked out examples in the textbook, and in the third I changed an unspecified radius r to 4. The class average was just shy of a 70%. Yes, it's true: they did worse on this exam than they did on the exam about Taylor Series! And the loserest students were still in the class back when we did Taylor Series! And my Taylor Series exam was too hard (which is why I tried to make this one too easy)!

So the temptation is to spend Thanksgiving break working on syllabi and assignment for my spring courses. Refining my homework systems and formatting the homework lists in a way that can be downloaded to the iPod. Finding video clips to play in class and general-audience articles to read. Designing in-depth projects and nifty assignments.

Right now the last thing that I want to to is write the final.