Friday, November 03, 2006

No New Pictures of my Brain

One of the things that I did yesterday instead of preparing my calculus class* or grading calculus homework was trek out towards the Dread Suburbs to finally pick up the CD of my second CT scan (this time a CTA, meaning "shows blood vessels"). After telling some white lies and filling out some paperwork, the disc was mine! Using what I'd learned from the previous disc of images from the other hospital, this morning I headed to the computer lab in the basement of my building hoping to export the images to jpegs and then to share the "confidential patient records" (part of the text imprinted on the CD's label) with the whole darn internet.

Unfortunately, this hospital uses different software, and I could view the images but not export them. As Windows machines make me feel stupid (am I closing a window or closing the whole program? where are the menus? what do all those weird extentions mean?), I gave up quickly.

The images from the CT looked pretty much like the ones from my previous scan, but this time there were more of them (hundreds instead of dozens) and there were separate images of the blood vessels in my brain. Using the software you could scroll through the slices or rotate the image of my brain. Too bad I can't find a way to show this to my calculus class.

*This morning I came in early and spent a few minutes making a worksheet. Hooray for worksheet day!