Saturday, November 25, 2006

Outsourcing the House Projects

I mis-read the Joann coupon, leaving my a big block of time in the middle of the day (instead of fighting with crowds over discount craft supplies). Thus, I will be meeting with a contractor.

He's a small-job contractor (part of a two-man operation), so he meets with people on weekends. Good for me, as I can't seem to get my act together enough to arrange a meeting on a weekday.

I'm looking to get done the big and boring projects. Removing the vinyl siding, painting, insulating, some structural stuff in the attic, that type of thing. Sure, these are things that I could do myself, but they'd take me forever, and I want this project completely done by this time next year. And, yes, I'd like to do something flashy, like the kitchen remodel (HATE my kitchen), but timing is bad on that, too.

It's weird to be planning big construction projects without being sure how much longer I'm going to live here. The way things look now, I'll either be here for a little over a year or else for the long term. Once that decision is made, then I can worry about remodeling the kitchen.

I guess this means that on Monday I should call the rest of the contractors on my list and see what they have to say.