Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Scenes from Wednesday

  1. Got both classes prepped this morning with time to spare. Not so much successful with grading the old homework or writing the new assignment sheet. My students asked about the new assignment.

  2. Squirrel on the loose in the building! Pest Management called in to trap it. A peanut bait was successful, and the squirrel will be relocated to a distant corner of campus.

  3. The guy from Pest Management complimented my outfit.

  4. Too bad Pest Management can't relocate difficult students.

  5. Talked a little bit about shuffling and probability in class today in connection with iTunes' shuffling of a playlist. Despite working out by hand what happens in short playlists with repeated artists, my students still believed the conventional wisdom that iTunes doesn't shuffle randomly. I like how iTunes has a preference pane where you can move a slider to change from true random to your preferred shuffle statistics. I wish I could have done more with the topic, but it quickly gets over my students' heads.

  6. Had a decaf eggnog latte as a late "lunch."

  7. Someone came into my office with a nifty problem about finite fields. In my enthusiasm to work on it, I cleared off my white board, accidentally erasing the phone number for the retirement plan (who I need to call about my missing 401k).

  8. Scheduled for this afternoon: yoga with The Librarian