Sunday, November 26, 2006

Weekend Mixed Bag

  1. The toilet is fixed. As toilet fixing is a man's job, I was completely helpless and had to wait to be rescued.

  2. Unanswered question: Which would cause more damage to my floors: cutting out fabric on the floor (scissors, pins, etc.) or the casters from my new cutting table? In either event, with my ginormous new cutting mat, it will be much better for my BACK to cut things out on the table.

  3. Almost done with my xmas shopping. Bought shearling flip-flops for my mom a few weeks ago (fuchsia). Dad wants either Popcorn 2 or Boombox. Might also knit Dad a cover for his iPod. My parents are the only people who I buy gifts for.

  4. OK, I lied in the above point. Total denial about small gifts for the staff in the department. Complete loss about what to get for the woman who cuts my hair.

  5. Totally lost my work momentum. Went out this morning in hopes of spending the morning at a coffee shop and working, but nothing was open yet. Come on, it was already 7:30. Hate Sunday.

  6. Caught in ridiculous traffic yesterday. Hate football.

  7. Absolutely fabulous weather.