Monday, December 18, 2006

Bringing Me to My Office Today (-ing Edition)

  1. Dropping off gifts (chocolate gingerbread cookies) for the staff.

  2. Responding to questions from my students about their grades. Did you know that if you get Ds an Fs on all of the graded work, then you can't get a C in the class? No way!

  3. Dealing with the first wave of grade appeals. Writes a disappointed student:
    I have A's in every single one of my other classes. This is the 2nd time taking the course and for the amount of effort I put in this course, the grade given is not what I've earned.
    Unfortunately, the best predictor we have of whether a student will be unsuccessful in a math course is whether the student has failed it in the past.

  4. Explaining to the instructors of our tightly coordinated courses that students who score very poorly on the departmental final can not pass the course, even if they have been passing your exams all semester.